FAQs about Grill Your Bill

Community power

As an Energy Locals customer you'll receive a unique link - our little version of a superpower link - that you can share with your friends, family and colleagues. When they click it and go on to join, a clever computer thing will know that you recommended us to them. When they complete their transfer we'll give you $25 of free power to say thank you and we'll also give them $25 of free power to say welcome. 


How does it work?

If someone uses your link to access our website and goes onto join, you get rewarded with $25 of free power when their transfer to Energy Locals is complete. They'll also thank you for recommending cheaper, cleaner and fairer energy to them.

What's the link and what do I do with it? 

You'll have received an email with a special link. That's your own personal link and you can spread it around like an unsupervised 7 year old with a jar of Nutella. Social media posts or personal messages - it's up to you where you share it. The key thing is that if you don't share it, free power won't find its way to you. 

Can you remind me of my superpower link?

Your link is in the format where XXXXXXX is your Energy Locals account number. Forgotten your account number? It can be found at the top right of your bill. You can otherwise contact us for assistance.


Will anyone who clicks my link and joins get me free power?

Yes, as long as they finish their transfer to Energy Locals. 

What if my friend doesn't sign up with my link? Can I still get my commission?

Yes, as long as they give us a call to let us know within 24 hours of signing up we can still reward you with $25 free power.

What if my friend doesn't complete their transfer? 

Firstly, de-friend them on every social media channel you can find. Secondly, you won't get your $25 of free power. Sorry. We have to pay our bills somehow. 

How long until I get the free power?

The transfer process in most States can be tediously slow - up to 12 weeks but often a lot faster. As soon as your friend is through the process we'll put $25 of free power on your account.

Why is it only $25? Some referral programs give out a lot more

It's only $25 because we don't screw our customers. If we were spending big bucks each time, guess who ends up paying for it? 

Can I stick my link on Google and get paid for strangers who randomly find it and sign up?

We were worried someone might ask this. The honest answer is, we don't know. Try it and let us know if it works.