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What's GreenPower?

The Government-backed GreenPower scheme lets you do a bit extra to help support new renewable generation in Australia by paying a premium on your energy consumption.

We know that many customers support GreenPower but going 100% might be out of the budget, so we have 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% options available. 

When customers choose GreenPower we have an obligation to purchase Large Scale Generation Certificates from renewable energy generators. These GreenPower purchases are over-and-above the Government's mandatory Renewable Energy Target, which means by purchasing GreenPower you're adding more renewable energy to the grid than would otherwise be the case. 

GreenPower is a chance for customers and communities to have a say in to what sort of energy mix they want for the future of Australia. 

How much does it cost? 

10% GreenPower

0.90 cents/kWh inc GST We'll add this amount to 10% of the total units of power you use

20% GreenPower

 1.80 cents/kWh inc GST We'll add this amount to 20% of the total units of power you use

50% GreenPower

 4.50 cents/kWh inc GST We'll add this amount to 50% of the total units of power you use

100% GreenPower

 9.00 cents/kWh inc GST We'll add this amount to all the units of power you use

These rates apply to both residential and business customers.

We price our GreenPower options 'at cost', meaning they're based on the current certificate prices and we don't intend to make any profit from GreenPower whatsoever.

Benefits for businesses

Businesses that choose one of our GreenPower products can shout about it to their customers, and promote the support they're giving to changing Australia's energy mix. Find out more and apply for the promotional materials on the GreenPower website

Flexible contracts

We don't lock customers into fixed contracts, so you can add and remove GreenPower from your account at any time.  

Want to know more?

Contact us with any questions, or visit the official GreenPower website or Facebook page


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