How does it work?

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Switch to Energy Locals

Join on our membership plan you’ll get access to our wholesale rates and be able to trade power, all for just $4.50/week. Already an Energy Locals customer? You genius! Just register for Enosi here and we’ll check you’re on the right tariff and meter type.


Cool off

After you’ve signed up there’s a 10 day cooling off period.


Meter reading

We’ll wait for your meter to be read so we can finish the transfer. This might take a bit longer if you’ve got a basic meter.


You’re in!

While you get great rates and service we give back to local organisations and charities, so you can see good things happen from your power supply.


Smart meter

if you don’t already have a smart meter, now is our chance to order you one. We charge a $149 one-off fee (inc GST) to get this sorted for you.


Create your Enosi profile

You can now set up your profile on the Enosi platform and create your trades.


Start trading!

The Enosi platform will match your trades according to your preferences. The system prioritises those closest to you: - Priority one: up to three of your close friends & family that you’ve nominated by name - Priority two: people in your broader community - Priority three: if you still have energy that needs to be sold or bought and it hasn’t traded in one of the above two categories, we’ll apply the normal Energy Locals membership rates


See the effect on your account

Your Energy Locals statement will include all normal usage at our membership rates followed by a single line that captures the net figure from your trades on the Enosi platform.


Tell your friends

The local market wouldn’t be much fun if there were only two stalls. Tell your friends to get involved and we can enjoy a vibrant energy market.