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Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic systems, or Solar PVs, harness natural solar power (without any extra cost) for a greener, more sustainable building and reduce electricity bills and reliance on the grid.

Solar roof panels provide on-site electricity generation. When combined with the Community Energy Network, they create a smart solar micro grid, reducing the building’s energy consumption from the main grid. We can install batteries (Tesla or Sonnen) to further reduce reliance on the grid. Maximising self-sufficiency in this way increasingly makes environmental and economic sense, since energy rebates (for feeding excess energy back into the grid) continue to be reduced by the big state and territory network operators.

The results: Tenants and Owners Corporations can enjoy low-cost, greener energy all year round.

Solar PV is suitable for

Medium to high density residential buildings

Commercial and industrial complexes

Shopping centres

Retirement villages

Educational institutions such as universities

What we look after

Supply and installation of solar PV system

All applications and warranties on workmanship and products

Ongoing maintenance and repairs during the contract term

Benefits of our Solar PV

Zero cost – There is no capital outlay. We take care of sourcing, installation and maintenance at no cost to you.

Energy savings – Keep energy bills low by generating your own solar power on-site, supplemented with discounted energy from your CEN.

Sustainable living – A win for modern eco-conscious communities. Reduce carbon emissions and energy bills with energy generated from the sun.

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