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Here's what our customers say about Energy Locals 

    • "Dude, not going to lie... am getting more excited to be your customer the more I have to do with you <3" —  Nathan C, via website chat
    • "Switched today - supporting the Cancer Council is a bonus! Cheaper electricity and no tricky discount catches or contracts. Thanks Energy Locals!" —  Bennett H, Facebook
    • “The crap reputation energy retailers have makes it very hard for new companies like Energy Locals to shine. These guys have been the best retailer I had in the last 20 years. -- I certainly wish them all the success!”  Max
    • "So here we go on journey I did not think possible with the market heavies we have, not to mention foreign ownership.  I thank you for making this possible."   Jeremy W
    • "The ability to converse with a power supplier so easily is astonishing to say the least"  John, via website chat.
    • "I appreciate your truthful response, thank-you. After doing some rough calculations myself last night, came to similar conclusion [that he is better off with his current retailer by $20]. But you know what I decided to give Energy Locals a go and signed up anyway, because your honesty and community shown deserve praise."  Craig
    • "Thank you for your help, Luke. Never had to change power company before - been with same place for 20 years. Again you have been a very good help."  Jeremy M
    • Thanks for once again proving Energy Locals does things differently than the big mobs, it's refreshing to read such a blunt admission and apology :). Thanks for trying to call and jumping on it to fix it as quick as you could, I have to admit if it was Origin I'd bet my house that I'd be the ones calling them once we'd noticed the error. — Matt G, via email.   This was after we screwed up a direct debit, found our error, fixed it and told Matt.
    • "I am excited to be joining Energy Locals" — Brigitte.   Us too, Brigitte! 
    • "Fantastic. I think this is a great Australian company and will be telling others. Will see if I can get mum to swap over too!! Have a Great weekend. With thanks"  Nicci 
    • "I have been following the thread and have signed up today. I will recommend to my family and friends as well. I like your transparent approach."  ssingh (via Whirlpool)
    • “If my first call is anything to go by then being with Energy Locals will be an awesome experience. Not only are the rates great and locked in compared to those who jack up their rates to offer high discounts, the customer service so far has been awesome”   Darren
    • “Thanks for standing up to the fossil fuel rip-off artists and doing something to show the public what a rip-off the energy producers/retailers are getting away with. I commend you and your team and hope you remain profitable and successful well into the future.”   Mike
    • “You are cheaper and more ethical, so I’d rather give the money to you guys” — Dean
    • "Had the Origin heavying today to change back ... Don't leave us they said, we will undercut their tariffs by 14% they said. When I asked about their ethical plans towards renewables and fair costing they stopped talking and sent me a link that didn't work!"  Bec 
    • “Everything I’ve seen so far about Energy Locals tells me that their intentions are genuine and the good thing is we’re not locked into a contract” — the Greeny Flat
    • "I'll be shocked if Energy Locals post this on their own website. Let's see how truly 'transparent' they really are. We were refused a connection whilst trying to get power on at a new property we are moving into, because...The 'Previous' Tenant Had a Bad Payment History with the 'Previous Provider'. You call 'that' transparent? Fair? Community Driven? They will end up just like the rest of them! Good luck to you all!" — no name provided
      Energy Locals: 
      we're sorry we couldn't help you on this occasion. We have a policy of not taking on new properties where the power has recently been disconnected by a different retailer due to unpaid debt. We're a small business and have to manage our exposure to bad debt very carefully or our ability to help communities will be very short-lived. We hope you found an alternative supplier that was able to assist. 
    • "Thank you for your prompt and clear response. My dealings with everyone in the company since we changed providers in December have been incredibly open and honest. Very refreshing!" — John & Gail M, via email
    • "Thank you for your help, I can't imagine getting anything like this resolved this fast with Origin or the likes" — Edward C, via website
    • “I’ll be sure to let everyone I know to check you guys out” — Ali
    • "I’m happier already. Goodbye Click 😉 "  Keri C
    • "Thanks guys. Cannot tell you how good it is to talk to people in Australia!"  Rory
    • “I’m glad to have reached out to you” — Jenny
    • “Thanks for being so truthful” — Lynn
    • “I appreciate your honesty Adrian” — John
    • Really love what you and your team are doing. Speaking as a tech product marketer, you guys are off to an awesome start with your positioning - ethical and transparent. Great stuff. 👍 " — Greg H, via website chat. 
    • “I have to say thank you again to your business for taking a stand away from the old business model” — Ros
    • "I applaud your mission in the electricity market. I believe you are doing a really good thing. So I endorse your vision."  Alan P

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