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Energy Locals is a social enterprise that gives customers cheaper, cleaner and fairer energy. We share a huge proportion of our earnings with Aussie communities and charities.

Whatever size of club you run or are part of, we’d like to invite you to receive some of our community payments in an innovative, simple and quick way.

We'll give your club a boost by paying you $50 per supporter that chooses Energy Locals for their power. And we'll keep the $50 payments going for each and every year they remain a customer. For example, if 200 of your supporters switch their services to Energy Locals, we'll contribute $10,000 to you every single year they remain a customer. Imagine what your club could do with that!

Our services are completely free for clubs to use.

How it Works


Getting started

Click on 'Register Your Club' and get started in under 5 minutes. Tell us some details about your club and we'll tailor a fundraising solution for you at no cost.


Get prepared

We'll create a web page that your supporters can use to find out more and, if they choose, sign up for fairer energy. We'll also give you some electronic materials to help you tell your supporters about the offer.


Spread the word

You don't need to do any selling and for every supporter who gets on board, we’ll donate $50 to your club - and we'll continue to donate $50 for every year they're a customer.


Grow donations

We’ll provide you with information on progress so that we can see ways that we could improve, and that means more money can be donated to your club.


Enjoy the benefits

High five your team mates and supporters for raising new money for the club while helping people with fairer, cleaner and cheaper energy.

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How we help customers

Are your rates cheaper?

We reckon that most customers will save money with Energy Locals, especially as time goes on as we don’t take away discounts or creep up margins.

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Is there a minimum number?

We don’t set a minimum number of supporters. We support tiny 15 person clubs that need to buy new kit through to bigger clubs with big ambitions.

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Do we need to sell this to supporters?

We reckon you’d be great at it! But no, you don’t. It’s simpler if customers join online or call our 100% Australian-based team to talk about our prices.

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