Cleaner energy

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We don't think it would be sensible to shut down a bunch of power stations overnight, and we don't think we should leave the move to more renewable power to government policy alone. So we're making it happen ourselves. We set up Energy Locals to provide a retail service that will one day do away with energy retailers. We'll be there with you at the party when that day comes. 

Market-leading feed in tariff


If you've got solar or are thinking of getting it, you'll love our whopping feed in tariff for any solar power that you don't use yourself.

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Your energy leads to new renewables


Sign up with Energy Locals direct and we'll continue to work on better ways to help renewable projects in Australia come to life.

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Carbon offsets for your energy


We buy carbon offsets at no extra cost, so you can at least rest assured that your energy is carbon neutral. It's a small but helpful step towards cleaner energy.

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How you benefit

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Spend 5 minutes joining Energy Locals and we'll handle the admin - it doesn't affect your energy supply in any way at all. Want to compare us to your current provider? Just email us a copy of your bill and we'll send you a comparison!