Bushfire bill relief

Words can’t adequately describe the horror of the recent bushfires in multiple parts of Australia and the pain felt by people who have lost loved ones, homes or livelihoods.

It’s also hard to describe the incredible dedication and bravery of the men and women who have helped tackle the huge blazes.

We believe that as well as government, businesses have a role to play in supporting people. Energy Locals will therefore offer the following support for our affected customers:

For those who have lost homes

Firstly, we’re sorry that you’re going through a very difficult time. We will write off the cost of any energy that you used but that we hadn’t sent a bill for at the point the fires affected you. In addition, we’ll offer you half price membership at your new home for as long as you stay with Energy Locals.

For volunteer firefighters

Thank you for your amazing service. We will cut in half the Energy Locals membership cost for as long as you are with us. As we don’t earn money from energy usage, the membership goes to covering our costs. By halving it we’ll be selling below cost price but that’s a small price for us to pay. We believe this will offer a greater and more certain benefit than can be delivered by a one-off credit.

For anyone else that has been directly affected in some way

We hope you’re holding up ok. Please tell us how we can help you and we will use our published customer hardship policy to work out how we can best support you through this difficult time.

Whatever your circumstances, please drop us a note at and tell us the situation. We’ll then provide the appropriate assistance. As a small business it’s important that we dedicate our limited resources to those most affected by these events. To help with this, we may ask you to provide some documentation (your RFS identification, for example).

For Energy Locals customers not affected by these events

Please note that the cost of providing the above support will be borne by us from our internal cost budget. It will not be added to other customers’ bills.

For people not affected and not yet with Energy Locals

If any of your friends join Energy Locals between now and the end of March, we’ll donate $50 to the relief efforts for each new customer. Please ask your friends to enter ‘FIRE’ in the box after the sign up form which asks why they joined Energy Locals so we can track the donations we will make.

Please contact me with any suggestions or comments.

Founder, Energy Locals