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Prices for business customers

Prices for residential customers

Like all retailers we'll update our prices when new network costs take effect. Unlike other retailers, we don't earn money from your energy usage and our prices will never change for profit.


Solar feed in tariff

  Incl GST, if any
Solar feed in tariff (cents/kWh exported) 12.87*

  *Applicable for solar exports up to 10,000 kWh per year. Any export above 10,000 kWh per year will be paid at the rate of 9c/kWh (inc GST, if any).


Anytime rate

  Excl GST Incl GST
Anytime usage (cents/kWh) 23 25.30
Daily charge (cents/day) 152 167.20

Read on for more rates👇🏼 or check our Help section for answers to common questions, such as:

Business Anytime with Controlled Load 1  

  Excl GST Incl GST
Anytime usage (cents/kWh) 23 25.30
Controlled load usage (cents/kWh) 14 15.40
Daily charge (cents/day) 152 167.20

Business Anytime with Controlled Load 2

  Excl GST Incl GST
Anytime usage (cents/kWh) 23 25.30
Controlled load usage (cents/kWh) 15 16.50
Daily charge (cents/day) 152 167.20

Business Time of Use

  Excl GST Incl GST
Peak usage (cents/kWh) 29 31.90
Shoulder usage (cents/kWh) 21 23.10
Off peak usage (cents/kWh) 17 18.70
Daily charge (cents/day) 127 139.70


Download Energy Price Fact Sheet 

Download Evoenergy standing offer price fact sheet 


Will I save money with Energy Locals? 

We hope so! We estimate that the majority of customers in NSW will save money by switching to Energy Locals. Over time those savings will grow thanks to our Australian-first promise of never increasing your prices for profit. 

If you want to see how you'll save, call us on 1300 MY ENERGY for a quote or send us a photo of your current bill and we'll do the sums for you.