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Community Power Congress Launch Offer

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Could your community use $30,000 to fund your renewable energy project?

Energy Locals is proud to celebrate the 2017 Community Energy Congress with an exclusive offer for attendees.

We’re a social enterprise that’s made up of a small group of people with lots of experience of energy retailing, who want to use that to make energy fairer, cleaner and cheaper for Australian communities.

$15,000 towards your project

Plus $15,000 for your community on an annual basis

Partner with Energy Locals to set up your own local retail offer by 24 February 2017, and when 300 customers join your community energy plan we'll give you $15,000 towards your project. This is a special bonus for Congress attendees. In addition you'll earn an estimated $15,000 for each year that 300 customers remain on your community energy plan. That's $30,000 in the first year and $15,000 for every year on an ongoing basis, so you can keep doing great things to make energy fairer, cleaner and cheaper.

Fund your group's goals

Ongoing income

We deduct a fixed fee from customer bills plus any bad debt and the remaining profit is yours to invest in your local area. If more customers join, you'll earn more to put towards your goals. You'll earn more for any small business customers that join too.

We're set up to give you control

Your own tariff

We've calculated the ongoing $15,000 per annum based on 300 customers using 5.5MWh per year ($50 per customer). You have control over the tariff design, so you can increase or decrease it according to your goals and your community's support.

An energy product you can be proud of

Fairest tariffs

Your customers benefit from fair and great value pricing, no made up or conditional discounts, no fixed contracts or exit fees, and our unique promise that we'll never change prices for profit. You can even co-brand all customer communications.

Choose what you offer

Our energy

We buy our energy from the wholesale market and you can customise the tariff for your own community's needs. Customers can also choose 0, 10, 20, 50 and 100% GreenPower.

Benefit more as other communities join

Grow with us

We reduce our service fee as the total number of Energy Locals customers grows. As a social enterprise, your benefits increase as we provide our service to more local organisations.

Be one of the first to benefit

We've launched!

Energy Locals is up and running in NSW and south east Queensland. Victoria will follow as soon as the Essential Services Commission has fully processed our application.

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Browse our site to learn more about how we work or get in touch. Please note: our special Congress bonus is available to a limited number of community organisations.