Will solar save you money?

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Going solar is great for the environment, producing clean energy and displacing fossil fuel generation. The good news is that for a lot of Aussie households, going solar will not only help the planet but your wallet too!

We take a quick look at 4 ways to check if solar is right for you.


You use a high percentage of your energy during the day

In Australia, the peak period of the day for solar generation is 9am-4pm. If you're at home during those hours then you'll get a much shorter payback on your system. But fear not, if you spend your days out and about an appropriate solar array could still work out for you.


You plan on staying in your current property

Payback times for solar panels have come down to somewhere between 4-8 years depending on your individual situation. If you think you might be moving house in a year or two, you might want to hold off. However, if you’re in it for the long haul, making the investment could be a smart move.


You have an unshaded, north-facing roofing

Shade does not make for happy solar panels. To maximise their output, panels need direct sunlight so any impeding trees or buildings will reduce efficiency. As for roof orientation, north is best - although other orientations don’t immediately render solar a poor choice.


You are receiving a good Feed In Tariff

Even if combined with a battery, solar panels will almost certainly still send some energy into the grid. The good news is that your energy retailer will pay you for this! It’s called a Feed In Tariff and the more you can get, the quicker your panels will pay themselves off. Have a look around at what retailers are offering - often it can be as low as 6c/kWh. We are proud to say that at Energy Locals we offer 11c/kWh inc. GST.